We're All About Physics

Forces, vectors, and enough math to make most people shiver. Honestly, I always found it kind of interesting. That’s probably a good thing since physics is behind everything in this orthodontics game - vectoring those teeth around your mouth to get them right where we want them. But did you know orthodontics is a team sport? That’s right. You are not a spectator in this Chess game with physics. The only way to win is if we work together. Those rubber bands are not just more bling for your cool smile, they provide the pull those crazy physics laws require. So play your position and STRAP ON THOSE RUBBER BANDS!

The Selfish Thank You

A few years ago a study was done on gratitude. People were asked to write a thank you letter to someone in their life. The researchers then measured the happiness of the person who received the thank you. The person who got the letter was happier for days. No shock. The surprise? The person who WROTE the thank you was happier for a month! So I guess it’s selfish to be appreciative?! Anyway, at DRO we’d like to capitalize on this. We are going to stock thank you cards at the front desk. If you’d like to write a thank you note to someone in your life and you have their address why not spend the few minutes in our waiting room letting them know how you feel? The postage is on us. Besides, you get the better end of the deal anyway!


In an effort to better serve you and create an even more enjoyable experience, we at Drake Road Orthodontics have created a new brand that continues and clarifies our vision. This new brand focuses on what is important to us – you. We want to continue to provide an inclusive and fun environment, coupled with the highest quality care, that will allow you to not only love the outcome of your beautiful smile, but your entire journey along the way. We are all about making your braces experience uniquely yours. We’re all about you.

Thanks for stopping by our new blog. Check back here for tips on how to best work with us to get the results you want, and maybe a few posts designed to make you use that new smile! We’re excited to continue providing top-notch care with an even greater focus and to continue to serve our awe-inspiring community of Kalamazoo