We're All About Summer

I am - with a certain degree of confidence - ready to say that winter is over (this is Michigan so who knows). My winter-long teeth chattering grimace is now being replaced by a genuine smile! That smile is due partly to the warm sunshine and partly to all the fun things I am anticipating. Chicago thinks southwest Michigan is a playground and we are lucky enough to live here full-time. From the asparagus and rhubarb in the spring to the late apples in the fall we have a constant supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Grab the kids and pick some for yourself. Kalamazoo has a near endless supply of festivals. Some of them may not be your thing but if Reggae music doesn’t make you happy your smile needs more than braces!  

We all fall into our routine and obviously there are things that have to get done. But make it a point to enjoy the weather, enjoy the place you live, and enjoy the people you love!