Pure Michigan LOVE

We closed the clinic for the week of July 4th to give my wonderful staff a much needed break. I fell in love with the mountains when I was stationed at the Air Force Academy in Colorado so for this vacation my husband and I packed up our three kids and spent the week getting our fix of the mountains. While we were there I kept thinking about how I had always assumed that when I was done with my military service I would end up back in Colorado. Why didn’t that happen? Michigan is not Colorado. Sand dunes aside we don’t have much in the way of mountains and with all due respect to our local ski resorts people don’t come from around the world to ski our runs. But you know what? Colorado ain’t no Michigan either. Our Colorado friends buy blueberries by the pint while we enjoy them in a ten pound box. They have a few streams and rivers that they dam up for drinking water and we have a lake every couple miles. I still love Colorado, but Dorothy was onto something: There’s no place like home!