We're all about creating connections


At DRO, our variety of backgrounds and experiences makes us a well-rounded and inclusive family. We laugh with each other, listen to our patients, and love our community, creating a positive environment that feels welcoming to everyone that walks through our door. The relationships we’ve built with our teammates are the same types of relationships we look forward to building with you, both during and after your treatment. So get to know a little bit more about our staff and why we're so proud to be a part of our Kalamazoo community.


- Part-time adventurer: Stomping in puddles, exploring the woods, swimming in the lake, building snow forts  - Asian cuisine lover: Bring on the Indian and Korean food please!  - Family band member: My kids (2, 4, and 6-year olds) and husband (undetermined age) love to jam together as a family  - Full-time educator: I love finding new and fun ways to teach my kids about gratitude and generosity

Dr. Letitia Randall, DDS, MS

I am passionate about orthodontics and committed to helping my patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles that create more positivity and happiness in the community. I enjoy being part of the process that results in more confidence and self-esteem for my patients. Every one of them has a unique personality, and the opportunity to get to know them individually is truly a gift.

Board certified orthodontist, licensed and certified by the State of Michigan to specialize in orthodontics. Education: B.S., Andrews University; DDS, Loma Linda University; Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency, U.S. Air Force Academy; General Dentist, U.S. Air Force; Master of Science, Ohio State University.

Fun Facts:

  • I'm a part-time adventurer that stomps in puddles, explores the woods, jumps in the lake, and builds an impressive snow fort.

  • Lover of all Asian cuisine. Bring on the Indian and Korean food please!

  • My three kids, husband and I love to jam together as a family.

  • I love finding new and fun ways to teach my kids about gratitude and generosity.



Dr. Brandon Knapp, DDS, MS

There’s plenty to love about my job. For starters, every day is a chance to improve someone else’s. Each mouth is like a puzzle, and by working to solve it I get to watch patients’ smiles grow proportionately with their confidence. There’s a real sense of belonging here—between patients, doctors and assistants. It’s extremely gratifying work, and something I cherish at every turn.

Licensed orthodontist, certified by the State of Michigan to specialize in orthodontics. Education: B.S.E. & M.S.E., University of Michigan; DDS, Columbia University; MS, Oregon Health and Science University.

Fun Facts:

  • I’ve played pickup basketball with Michael Jordan. Not to brag. (Okay, maybe a little.)

  • Dr. Owings was my orthodontist growing up! Again, not to brag.

  • Thin crust, deep dish, Dominos or du jour. Doesn’t matter. I’ll eat any pizza, any time.

  • Check my Netflix queue. It goes Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi.

  • If you can pull me in from outer space, I’m always up for live music.




Clinical Assistant

  • I love being outdoors with my dogs, or indoors with my Netflix. 

  • Music? Make mine classic. As in classic rock. 

  • I’m easy-going, but I love being on the go. Want to see my photos from Greece? 



Clinic and Lab Assistant

  • Laughter is my favorite sound. I also like Jack Johnson and The Grateful Dead.  

  • If I ever get to Ireland, I’ll consider myself lucky.

  • Big fan of “Da Bears.” And go, Cubbies! 

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Office Manager

  • I'm always thrilled for the next folk, bluegrass, or rock concert.

  • Die-hard Cubs fan here. World Series Champs!

  • I'm always ready for another adventure. Italy and Ireland are next on the list.

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Clinical Coordinator/Manager

  • I'm all about arts and crafts.

  • Any type of music could make it on my running playlist.

  • AZO born and raised.

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Scheduling Coordinator

  • My musical taste is all-encompassing. Share your favorite song with me!

  • We may look alike but I’m still the better looking twin.

  • I'll take a ticket to Rome, Venice, or Florence, especially for the cuisine.



Front Desk Supervisor

  • I like to read. With two active boys, I stick to short stories. 

  • You can’t live near Nashville for three years without loving country music. 

  • Someday we want to travel across America. Can I borrow your RV? 

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Treatment Coordinator

  • When I’m not on the volleyball court coaching I’m in the yoga studio.

  • Huge fan of Kiiiiiiiiiiiiid Rock!

  • I’m basically a one women bake sale when at home.


Danielle Martz


  • Like everyone here, I’m a people person. Two people especially: my husband and son.

  • I could probably name more Marvel characters than you.

  • In another lifetime, I was born in Middle Earth. Huuuuge J.R.R. Tolkien fan.


Alexis Taylor

Clinical Assistant

  • If it’s on Pinterest, I’ve probably seen it. I’m a DIY-er at heart and home.

  • I’m a hairstylist, too—weekends are for weddings. Hi brides-to-be! I’m available.

  • “Minimalism” is my word of the year.

Drake Road Orthodontics has developed a treatment plan that is affordable for me and addresses the specific needs that I wanted met. Dr. Randall is so sweet and so easy to talk to and Dr. Owings is also very knowledgeable. Great experience!
— Sarah H