We're all about your GOOD NEWS!

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I’m only exaggerating slightly when I say watching the news crushes... my... soul. Ugh. Local bad news followed by national bad news with international bad news frosting on top. I’ve stopped watching the news on TV and instead turn to the internet: no better!  I guess it at least gives me the option to just stop at the headline.  But you know, there ARE good stories out there.  For instance; did you know Dr. Mark Richardson, a local dentist, travels to Honduras every year to donate his services? And Dr. Brad Randall (my brother-in-law) recently held a health fair and gave away free dental services to disadvantaged people in our own community? And that’s just a couple dentists I know and have been able to help with their projects in a small way. And I’m pretty sure we don’t need to look any farther than our DRO family for feel good stories about people helping out a friend in need. So this is my desperate plea: PLEASE PROVE ME RIGHT! I am sure there are people doing the right thing, making a difference, letting their light shine, and coming to DRO for their ortho care. We want to know your stories (moms and dads we are asking you to brag!). Tell us what you are doing to “shine a light” and with your permission we will write it up and post it on our website. You can either drop a hint to one of our staff or go to Drakeroadortho.com, click on the contact us tab and give us a few details in the form at the bottom of the page.  If we don’t talk about the good stuff how will we know it isn’t all doom and gloom?